Android smartphones protect your Google account on iPhone

Now, you can use an Android-based smartphone to confirm logging in to your Google account using two-factor authentication on iOS.

If earlier you had to confirm your identity via SMS or Google Authenticator to enter the account, now the list of possibilities has expanded.

Suppose you do not have Authenticator installed, there is no access to the attached number. Then all you need is an Android-smartphone, where you have already entered the profile.

On the Android device, there should be a Smart Lock application that will receive an encrypted signal from an iOS device. It confirms the login to the account.

New feature will work for today. At the time of this writing, it was not yet.

How it works

1 . Open this link on your Android smartphone and enable two-factor authentication.

2 . Select Add an electronic key [the name of your Android phone], and then tap Enable.

3 . Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, log in to your Google account and confirm login through an authorized Android smartphone. [ The Verge ]

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