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After the Chernobyl series, Pripyat was flooded with Instagram bloggers. There are even semi-nude photos of geotagging.

Some photos may just be stylized, but the creators of the series still asked tourists to treat the crash site with respect.

After the Chernobyl series, Pripyat was flooded with Instagram bloggers. There are even semi-nude photos of geotagging.

June 4 ended “Chernobyl” – HBO mini-series about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the elimination of its consequences. The show has become a global phenomenon, leading the audience rating of TV shows on iMDBb in the entire history: “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are left behind. And the success of the series increased the interest of viewers to one of the main locations of “Chernobyl” – the city of Pripyat.

The population of Pripyat was evacuated on April 27, 1986. Now tourists are regularly brought there, and after the “Chernobyl” there are only more of them. Reuters reported a 40% increase in tour orders during the show series. A director of the Association of Chernobyl tour operators expects a twofold increase in tourist flow: “Last year there were 70 thousand tourists. But, given the release of the series, we can now reach 150 thousand people. ”

Because of such a number of travelers, the number of instagram images on the Pripyat geotag has increased dramatically. And in social networks have noticed that some photos can be considered a manifestation of disrespect for the tragedy of 1986. For example, half-naked photo shoots come across on Instagram.

Meanwhile, in Chernobyl: Instagram bloggers flooded the crash site

Instagram girls freaking ass at Chernobyl just killed me

Photos from Instagram came to the screenwriter of the series Craig Mazin. He askedtourists to behave in Pripyat respectfully towards people who “suffered and sacrificed themselves.” Pripyat guides told the media that more people were really going to tour. Many of them ask about the HBO series and ask to show some remarkable places from it.

In social networks they write that now the place of the tragedy has become a place for instagram photo. For example, pictures near the Ferris wheel in Pripyat are not very different from those at the Coachella summer festival. But some journalists believe that there are nothing wrong with so many bloggers: most of them simply document their lives, and do not express disrespect for the victims of the accident.

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Постоянно оборачивайся. Ни звука. Смотри под ноги. ⠀ Если встретишь сталкера – хорошо, обычно они ходят в камуфляже. Главное не наткнуться на мента – все в чёрном, романтики, любят стоять на крышах. ⠀ Я думала, что Припять – это просто заброшенный город. Не знаю, как ещё объяснить. Просто очень старые дома и растрескавшийся асфальт. ⠀ Но тут лес. И теперь не лес вокруг домов, а дома в сплошном лесу. На козырьках некоторых подъездов колосится трава, по стенам снаружи лезут огромные лианы винограда, по стенам внутри – корни деревьев. На крышах сплошная красота – молодые сосны, березы и осины. ⠀ Вокруг постоянно щебечут птицы, заливаются. Ты руку из окна даже не вытянул – ветка уже сама прошла сквозь него. ⠀ Хорошо. И дышится легко, рядом сосновый бор. ⠀ Если бы не развалы в квартирах и знаки радиации, я бы подумала, что это санаторий. ⠀ Удивительно, как природа может взять своё всего за 33 года.

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🇺🇦Prípiat es conocida porque sufrió los efectos del peor accidente de la historia de la energía nuclear el 26 de abril de 1986, cuando se produjo el sobrecalentamiento y explosión del reactor número 4 de la central nuclear de Chernóbil, el cual falló y tuvo peligro de emitir 500 veces más radiación que la bomba atómica de Hiroshima en 1945. La evacuación fue llevada a cabo por el Ejército Rojo 36 horas después del accidente. Los animales (domésticos como salvajes) debieron ser sacrificados para evitar que transportasen en sus pelajes radiación hacia zonas no afectadas. 🇺🇦 🇺🇦Pripyat is known because it suffered the worst accident in the history of nuclear energy on April 26, 1986, when there was overheating and explosion of reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which failed and was in danger of emitting 500 times more radiation than the atomic bomb of Hiroshima in 1945. The evacuation was carried out by the Red Army 36 hours after the accident. The animals (domestic as well as wild) had to be slaughtered to prevent them from transporting their radiation coats to unaffected areas.🇺🇦 #travel #traveler #traveling #viaje #travellingthroughtheworld #instatravel #travelinggram #españolesporelmundo #travelblogger #chernobil #dametraveler #pripiat #travelgirl #kiev #imtb #kyev #speechlesstravels #ucrania #chernobyl #photoshoot #pripyat #iamtb #ukraine #kyiv #españolesxelmundo #travelrepost #travelgirlsgo #natgeotravel #girlstravelwoman

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School number 2 in Pripyat 🤗 Ready to study?📝📗

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On Twitter, Yulia Bessler, an Austrian student and instagram model with 300 thousand followers, came under criticism. Most of the photos of the girl are associated with advertising swimsuits, but after the completion of “Chernobyl” she published in the stories footage from a walk through Pripyat.

Bessler later told the media that she visited the nuclear power plant back in 2018 from an interest in “history and nuclear physics”. According to her, the photos have nothing to do with the “trend of Chernobyl”. “The fact that everyone sees in me a model, and not a person who is interested in history and physics, is sexism,” added Bessler.

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#timetravel 2018 – SWIPE – 1975 📍 Azure Swimming Pool in Pripyat normalerweise kennt ihr mich eher im Bikini vor einem türkis-blauen Pool posend aber ich kann euch versichern, dass kein luxuriöser Pool der Welt mit diesem Ort mithalten kann 😳 dieses Schwimmbad war noch bis 1998 in Betrieb und wurde in der Zeit nach dem Unfall vorwiegend von den Menschen benutzt, die ihre Gesundheit und teilweise auch ihr Leben aufs Spiel gesetzt haben, um Arbeiten am zerstören Reaktor vorzunehmen. Hier fand man ein wenig Erholung und einen Ort zum Abschalten 🙇🏼‍♀️ Vor dem Unfall war das Schwimmbad der Lieblingsort vieler Kinder, die im gleichen Gebäude zur Schule gingen. Es ist krass zu sehen, was aus diesem Ort geworden ist wenn man ihn mit Bildern von früher vergleicht. Wollt ihr mehr solcher kleinen Zeitreisen in Vergleichsbildern sehen? Lasst es mich gerne wissen ☺️ Ich habe euch außerdem meine ganzen Stories als Highlights ins Profil gesetzt, damit ihr sie euch bei Interesse immer wieder ansehen könnt ☺️ #chernobyl #ghosttown #lostplaces

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Also on the geotag you can really see semi-nude photos. But in most cases, only geotag points to Pripyat. This may be styling under Chernobyl on the background of the series, made in another place.

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