Huawei refused to launch a new laptop model MateBook because of US trade sanctions

Trade sanctions limit the ability of a Chinese company to use American products.

Photo of The Verge

Huawei postponed indefinitely launch a new laptop on Windows. It should have been shown at CES Asia without a release date, but eventually abandoned any announcement. This was reported by CNBC and The Information with reference to the head of the consumer unit of Huawei Richard Y.

A top manager called the situation “unsuccessful.” According to him, at first they had to submit a laptop without a date for the start of sales, but because of the fact that the USA was on the black list, the company could not even imagine the device.

Technical characteristics of the new MateBook remained unknown. In February, Huawei updated the Huawei MateBook X Pro line, and in January introduced the 13-inch MateBook 13 at CES.

In early June, the site Digitimes announced that Huawei has suspended production and development of new laptops. Microsoft did not comment on the situation, but removed the Chinese company’s devices from its online store.

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