Hackers stole old studio recordings from Radiohead and demanded a ransom. In response, the musicians published tracks online

Now all users have access to 18 hours of OK Computer album recordings for free.

Radiohead has released 18 hours of OK Computer studio recordings in the public domain. So the musicians responded to the demands for redemption from hackers who threatened to put everything on the network. This was announced by the lead guitarist of the band Johnny Greenwood (Jonny Greenwod).

We were hacked last week and someone stole an archive of mini-disks by Tom [York, the vocalist of the group] from the times of OK Computer and demanded 150 thousand dollars, threatening to publish it.

Johnny green woodmain guitarist radiohead

Instead of complying with the requirements, the musicians decided to officially release 18 tracks on the Bandcamp platform. You can listen to them for free, and you will have to pay £ 18 (1,477 rubles) for the download.

The group will send the proceeds to the Extinction Rebellion environmental protest organization. Entries will be available only for 18 days.

As noted at The Verge, it is not entirely clear exactly how the attackers acquired studio recordings. The message from Greenwood does not explain whether the computer was hacked or the mini-disks were stolen and downloaded into the network after that.

In addition, the records appeared in open access even before the official release of the group, so the ransom demand was meaningless. During the time since the leak, Reddit users even managed to compile a directory of unnamed records.

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