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A student from the United States caught a policeman who was looking for sex with minors using the Snapchat sex change filter

The employee was removed from service and charged.

“Esther” Photos from Twitter @nbcian

Ethan, a 20-year-old student from the United States, used a gender change filter on Snapchat to catch a policeman who was looking for sex with minors in Tinder. He caught the attention of the officer, and then took screenshots of the correspondence and handed it to the authorities. This was reported by the NBC Bay Area, citing an interview with a young man.

The teenager decided to catch up with potential criminals after the story of his girlfriend, who said that she was raped in childhood. After that, Ethan changed the floor using a filter in Snapchat, registered a fake account in Tinder under the name Esther and waited.

The first who wrote to the student turned out to be the policeman from San Mateo Robert Davies (Robert Davies). He asked if Esther wanted to “have fun” at night.

Then Ethan transferred the chat to another application to let him know that he is 16 years old. The police claim that Davis was not bothered, and the next 12 hours the teenager tried to find out more information about the officer.

Ethan took screenshots of all the correspondence in the “Flight mode” (only so Snapchat cannot inform the participant of the correspondence that someone took it off) and handed it to the non-profit organization Crime Stoppers. Soon after this, Davis was detained and removed from service, and also charged in contact with a minor for committing a criminal offense.

Snapchat added sex change filters in May 2019. They gained viral popularity in social networks: users began to share their “male” and “female” versions, and also to test them on the example of celebrities.

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