“Yandex” has developed an application for recognizing clothes on video and “fitting” accessories in augmented reality

In the service, which starts in September, you can also discuss things with other users.

Sloy application interface

Yandex started a closed beta test of the Sloy application , which can be used to recognize clothing items in photos and videos. Representatives of the company said.

The application interface consists of a subscription feed and a tab with recommended videos. If you click on the video, then each item will have additional information about the item of clothing and other videos with similar images.

Users will also have the opportunity to “try on” accessories with augmented reality and discuss clothing with the community. Using the scan mode, the user can recognize the clothes in the photo and video.

A representative of Yandex told the publication that it is not yet possible to buy items in the app or go to an online store for a purchase, but such a function is possible in the future. The service was headed by the former media director of Yandex.Dena and the former editor-in-chief of Poster Daniel Trabun.

More than 100 fashioners associated with fashion and style participate in closed testing. From mid-summer, the company plans to open early access to the iOS version to users who leave their mail on the site . In September 2019, the creators promise to launch a service for everyone.

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