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WSJ: Kim Jong-un’s murdered brother was a CIA informant and met with management officials several times

American intelligence allegedly convinced that it was not suitable for the role of the successor to power in North Korea.

Kim Jong Nam Snapshot AP

The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Kim Jong Nam was an informant for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The interviewee clarified that Kim Jong Nam several times met with the staff of the department. Reporters added that the brother of the DPRK leader, before his death in Malaysia, was also going to meet with intelligence. In addition, he spent several days on the resort island of Langkawi, where he met with an unknown man of Korean-American descent. The security officials said this during the trial of women accused of murdering him.

Journalists said that in recent years the brother of the DPRK leader lived in Macau and probably also had contacts with Chinese intelligence agencies. Former US officials and analysts believe that several countries, including China, viewed Kim Jong Nam as a possible successor to the power in the DPRK. American intelligence agencies have concluded that he is not suitable for such a role.

Kim Jong Nam was killed in February 2017 in Malaysia. According to investigators, two girls approached him at Kuala Lumpur airport and threw a handkerchief soaked in liquid, or sprayed it on his face. According to the investigation, Kim Jong Nam was poisoned by VX, a nerve agent that is considered the strongest nerve agent in the United States .

On March 11, a Malaysian court released a citizen of Indonesia, City Aisha, who was accused of killing a stepbrother of the DPRK head. On April 1, the second defendant received three years in prison for harming “dangerous weapons.” According to the girls, they believed that “they are in a reality show and they had no intention of killing Kim Jong Nam.”

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