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Spielberg will write a script for the “super priests” series for mobile phones. The project can be viewed only in the dark

The series will be released on Quibi stream service, which will be launched in April 2020.

American film director, screenwriter and producer Steven Spielberg began work on a new “super-scary” series for the stream service Quibi. The series can only be viewed on mobile devices and only after midnight. About this Variety said film producer and creator of Quibi Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Katzenberg did not say what the series would be about, but clarified that Spielberg had already written the script for five or six episodes. According to him, the project will consist of a “creepy” story in 10 or 12 chapters.

Steven Spielberg came to me and said: “I have a super story that I want to make.” Very cool that he decided to write a script, because he did not write anything all this time. Therefore, to force him to write something is simply fantastic.Jeffrey Katzenbergfilm producer

The film producer also said that Spielberg wants viewers to watch the series only after midnight, given the location of the phone.

The series will be released on Quibi stream service from Katzenberg. According to him, the service will be designed to view 7-10 minute videos on mobile devices. The launch of Quibi is scheduled for April 6, 2020. Subscription to the service will cost 4.99 US dollars .

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