The Bell: Huawei has discussed with the Ministry of Communications and Telecommunications the transfer of smartphones for the Russian market from Android to OS Aurora

According to sources, this topic was also discussed at the meetings of Vladimir Putin with Xi Jinping.

Huawei Executive Director Guo Ping discussed the transition of Chinese smartphones in the Russian market to the Aurora operating system based on the Finnish Sailfish with the Minister of Digital Development and Communications Konstantin Noskov. About this The Bell told two sources who know about the negotiations.

  • A federal official told the publicationthat in addition to the negotiations on the transition to the OS Aurora, the Ministry of Communications and Huawei also discussed the production of some devices of a Chinese company in Russia;
  • Rostelecom did not hear about the negotiations, but the representative said that the company is open for cooperation. Huawei declined to comment;
  • According to one source, the transition of Huawei smartphones to the Aurora OS was also raised at the meetings between Putin and Xi Jinping;
  • Initially, Sailfish OS was developed by the Finnish company Jolla, in which former Nokia employees worked. But in 2014, the Russian billionaire Grigory Berezkin became a co-owner of the company. He agreed with the Ministry of Communications on the creation of a Russian national mobile OS based on Sailfish;
  • Adaptation Sailfish for Russia took the “Open Mobile Platform”, which belonged to Berezkin. But in May 2018, Rostelecom bought out 75% of its company. According to media reports, by 2021, 7.9 million employees of government agencies and public institutions should switch to smartphones with Sailfish OS from Rostelecom. In May 2018, Rostelecom renamed the Russian version of the OS to Aurora.

Android operating system in Huawei smartphones …Chinese Huawei, which due to American bans lost access to operating system updates … THEBELL.IO

On May 16, the US Department of Commerce added Huawei to the “black list” . Because of this, the company may lose Android updates, Google services, chips from Intel, modems from Qualcomm and more. On May 21, US authorities extended the Huawei license for 90 days.

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