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Meme: The dragon and the guy approving of his behavior

The scene from “How to tame a dragon” illustrates situations where the majority of stupid actions meet with incomprehension, but there are those who approve of them.

In early June, a meme was distributed on social networks and on Reddit with images from the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon. The template shows the dragon who commits a stupid act, and two reactions to it: bewilderment (from the second dragon) and approval (from the guy in the bushes).

The scene is taken from the third part of “How to tame the dragon,” published in February 2019. In it, the black dragon Bezzubik tries in every way to attract the attention of the white dragon – Day Furies. In this he is helped by the host Icking, prompting from the undergrowth. But all the actions of Toothless meet misunderstanding from the Day Fury.

On June 5, the user Reddit under the nickname lil_zagawy posted a joke in the Dank Memes section with frames from the cartoon. In his version, Toothless illustrates the author with his “highly controversial memes”, the uncomprehending Fury is “society”, and the guy with the raised thumb is Reddit users.

The community liked the picture, and lil_zagawy soon shared a meme template.

The template is quickly sold on social networks. Users most often used it to show a disapproving majority reaction to absurd and approving actions from a minority. This mainly concerned everyday situations, but there were other examples.

I watch weird porn – FBI dude checking my computer – PornHub

I give a talk on the last day – children who really tried – a teacher who gives me a better grade than theirs

I, suspended from lessons for a fight with the one who teased me – mother – father

My new haircut is everything my mom

Sexy nude photo on the Internet – I understand that this is my sister – my friend understands that this is my sister

Colgate Toothpaste is one of ten dentists – nine out of ten dentists

I explain that F for the exam (analogue of two) is a sign of respect from the teacher – my parents – Reddit

Keanu Reeves appears in a video game – no one – everything

Six-year-old I say a swear word – my mother is my elder brother, who said that you can say that

Drunk I write to the one I like – my sweetheart – my same drunk friend

Meme began to illustrate the historical events.

Japan bombs the US – Hitler – allies, who understand what will happen next

USSR sends a dog into space – starving citizens – Stalin

Already by June 10, users of social networks began to chatter the meme template itself. For example, they redrawn the scene from “How to tame the dragon” and removed the frames, showing that the meme is understandable and so.

This meme – the rest of the world – Australians

I make a meme without a second panel – redditors who still understand

I make a meme without pictures – ordinary people are reddittors who still understand

I am making a meme version in Minecraft – my family wondering what I spend my time on – happy reddit

My goddamn meme – really talented redditors – shitposters like me
I, who drew a meme by hand, because I have no photoshop – ordinary people – intellectuals with Reddit

I’m drawing it – my free time – Reddit

I, making a “live” adaptation of the meme, so that ordinary people do not understand

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