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In Mexico, the mall flooded. The musicians in the building played a theme from “Titanic” against the background of the arriving water.

“Gentlemen, it was an honor to play with you.”

At the beginning of June, heavy rains hit the Mexican city of Guadalajara. Element damaged including the roof of the local shopping center Plaza Patria – water penetrated into the building and began to fill the room.

In this situation, the musical group that played in the shopping center that day was not lost. The team began to play “My heart will go on” – the main theme of the film James Cameron’s “Titanic.” Video of the performance of the composition against the background of falling streams of water spread in social networks.

Selection of a song by the group – a reference to Titanic. In Cameron’s film, the orchestra continues to play until the very end, trying to reassure the ship’s passengers. When the water already reaches the upper decks, one of the musicians says: “Gentlemen, it was an honor for me to play with you.”

This scene is based on real performances of the Titanic Orchestra. According to eyewitnesses, the musicians did play during the evacuation in order to reassure those who waited for boarding a little. None of the orchestra survived

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