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In Hong Kong, demonstrators protest against the adoption of a law that will allow authorities to extradite suspects to China

The police dispersed the protesters, used batons and tear gas, and also arrested seven people.

Police lead a demonstrator at a protest in Hong Kong AP Photo

In Hong Kong, a protest against an amendment to the bill on extradition to China of suspected fugitives passed. More than a million people took part in the demonstration. This was reported by the South China Morning Post.

The protest began peacefully and took almost ten hours. After seven hours, the organizers reported that more than a million people had participated in the rallies. Police estimated the number of demonstrators at 240 thousand.

Over a million demonstrators! Say “No” to extradition to China. Proud to be hong kong

Small groups of protesters planned to stay near the government building until June 12, when the authorities should accept the amendment. After midnight, the protest permission ended, so the police began to disperse the remaining demonstrators.

A group of protesters broke through steel fences, some began throwing bottles and other items at law enforcement officers. The police responded with tear gas and batons. According to the publication, detained seven people.

On June 12, the amendment will go to the Parliament of the Hong Kong Administrative Region for a second reading. After its adoption, Hong Kong authorities will be able to extradite suspects to countries with which they do not have an extradition agreement, including the mainland China.

Opponents of the amendment consider the adoption of the extradition bill as the “death of autonomy” of Hong Kong. They also note that the amendment will concern any activist fighting for human rights, “whose activities do not like the central authorities in Beijing.”

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