Review copy of AirPods with chip W1. Unexpected impressions

In early April, we wrote about unusual fake AirPods that work like the original. That is, display a window for connecting directly to the iPhone.

I decided to order them and test. The result, honestly, surprised.

Headphones are incredibly similar to the original, but there are differences

The first impression of the device, as a rule, is already formed from its packaging.

Box LK-TE9 (fake AirPods) does not cause delight, but it was made soundly. It directly says that this is NOT AirPods , but another device. Many Chinese do not bother with this.

Inside, everything is traditional for a “cheap” gadget with AliExpress: a barely holding cardboard tray with a case and headphones, and under them a microUSB cable and healthy instructions in English (wow!) And Chinese.

Button strongly sticks out of the case

Externally, the case of headphones can be easily distinguished from the original. In the central part there is a button for activating the Bluetooth module . It is necessary for the first pairing of headphones with a smartphone.

And the button is so big and sloppy that you will have no doubt that this is a fake. Apple does not make so crooked products.

Behind the Chinese tried. The case can not be distinguished from the original, if not understood. The first thing that should be noticed is a metal stiffener, which is actually just made for metal, but in general it is plastic .

And the quality of execution of the whole body leaves much to be desired. Plastic is cheap, incredibly slippery. Well, at least it does not stink, and thanks for that.

Headphones are charged via microUSB cable

Corporate signature sound of the original case, probably everyone knows. He is languid, slightly muffled, but at the same time pleasant in itself. Like you flick a Zippo lighter. As for the fake with AliExpress, everything is much worse here: a loud bang, a clear opening of the lid .Yes, and the hinge itself is a little loose, the lid just goes with a shake.

But I personally have no complaints about the headphones themselves. They are almost perfectly recreated, they can not be distinguished from the original. There is not a single gap, all the joints are ground, they are not visible. Is that in the lower part there is no antenna strip to enhance the signal.

For the rest, purely “airpods”. And it is them that you often demonstrate in public, and not the case. Hide fake case is not difficult – just cover the button with your finger on the front side.

Use is not very convenient, but you can

The main reason I ordered the LK-TE9 was the W1 chip installed in the first AirPods. Thanks to him, you can display a specialized context menu on the iPhone.

But here the first problems arise. It took me about an hour to pair the headphones. They simply did not want to connect to the smartphone, the iPhone did not see them. It turned out that for the first activation of Bluetooth, you need to pull out the headphones and press the button on the front of the case.

Only then a dynamic window will appear that appears when real AirPods are connected. But there are some unpleasant moments. For example, the case charge is ALWAYS displayed the same – 31%. At headphones, it changes, at least something.

There is no sense from this menu on fakes, but it’s still nice to see the progress of the Chinese

Track the level of charge of the case, you simply can not, it is stable and always the same. And the indicator on the case of the charging case lights up either blue or orange. The second state – energy less than 10%. This is the only way to check charging.

Go ahead, the headphones themselves. They work as disgusting as possible. In two ears you cannot listen to music, because the right one constantly “falls off”.

Sound on the go disappears , and you can not do anything with it. Normally, both headphones work only indoors, as there are no other wireless devices that interrupt the signal. On the street, only the left ear will be stable.

But the connection with the accessory is quite fast. A couple of seconds, and both headphones connected to each other, plus an iPhone.

Sound quite good

If the above I described a bunch of problems, then in terms of the sound is the opposite.

The first thing that pleased me was that they were louder than the AirPods. 2 times so accurate. Moreover, the surrounding people do not particularly hear what is playing in your headphones, and this is a definite plus. And the volume is enough to comfortably ride the subway.

These headphones are not typical for the Chinese at all, because everything is balanced. There are no prevailing frequencies. The bass is saturated, contrast, does not hammer on the brain and does not spoil the overall impression of the headphones.

On the original headphones there is a strip below

We were pleased with the good detailing of the mid frequencies even when playing a track that did not pass the most successful mastering. They obey in a special way. In them, probably, there is a certain tenderness, not like other headphones.

High frequencies are also very pleased. One gets the impression that they have no limit. The sound is smoothed and balanced.

What is interesting is that in fakes it is possible to comfortably listen to even rock. Of course, this is not about music lovers, but simple users are fine. Everything sounds much better than it sounds.

Bottom line: not so bad

When ordering LK-TE9, I expected the worst. Connect to the iPhone through the company menu, and okay. The remaining 99% is terrible. But no matter how.

1 . Sound worthy for their money. But AirPods they still do not surpass.

2 . Connect quickly, the signal is stable on one headset for sure. This is enough for me, since I basically walk with only one earpiece (yes, I am strange).

3 . They work at a great distance from the iPhone itself, you can move at least 15 meters. Anyway, the sound will be.

4 . They shine in an original way, although it gives it to the wild Chinese.

5 . There is a wireless charging. Full charge takes about an hour.

On AliExpress, these headphones cost only 2000 rubles US $30.24   , and they fully work out their money. But better than AirPods only other AirPods.

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