NASA estimated at $ 59 million tourist expenses for the flight and monthly stay on the ISS

With commercial launches, the department plans to reduce the cost of delivering its astronauts from $ 80 million for a seat on the Russian Soyuz to $ 58 million.

Snapshot of Mike Blake, Reuters

Jeff DeWitt, head of NASA’s financial department, told a news conference that the management plans to begin sending tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2020. Monthly stay and flight will cost 59 million dollars, reports CBS.

Almost the entire amount will go on the flight – 58 million dollars. One day on the ISS will cost $ 35 thousand or a million per month. A gigabyte of internet traffic will cost $ 50.

DeWitt said that the management of commercial launches plans to reduce the cost of delivering its astronauts to the ISS. Delivery will be carried out by Boeing and SpaceX twice a year.

Now we are paying Russia more than 80 million dollars for a place aboard the Soyuz. We expect that the flight on the ships CST-100 Boeing and Dragon SpaceX will cost us around 58 million dollars.

Jeff DeWitt NASA Chief Financial Officer

At the same time, NASA will allow visiting the ISS only to tourists who fall under the control criteria. For example, they should have a connection with the mission of the space research agency.

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