Electric cars will make noise while driving

The law will come into force on July 1 in the European Union.

According to research , electric cars are 40% more likely to hit pedestrians than ordinary cars. Blind and visually impaired people are most vulnerable to silent electric vehicles, notes The Guardian.

Due to the lack of an internal combustion engine, they move almost imperceptibly for pedestrians and cyclists, therefore the law will oblige to artificially reproduce sounds when driving at a speed below 20 km / h.

At high speeds, electric cars make noise themselves, so separate sound symbols are not needed.

It does not specify exactly how the sound should be. According to the requirements, the volume should be around 56 decibels and increase and decrease in height in order to make it clear whether the car is accelerating or slowing down.

  • Some manufacturers are already equipping electric cars with such systems. For example, BMW and Nissan.
  • A similar initiative is also being developed in the United States.
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