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Through AirDrop, they get to know each other, chase, write off on lessons and share memes. This is an anonymous function not moderated by anyone.

The standard for sending files on Apple devices is misused.

Initially, AirDrop was conceived as a feature for quick file sharing, but in 2015, teens began using it instead of Instagram, Snapchat, and instant messengers. IPhone users meet, chat, send memes, write off homework and persecute through an anonymous service, where there is no moderation.

AirDrop is not the first time misused. At the end of 2018 in the United States more often began to complain that with the help of technology, strangers send them photos of penises. In April 2019, rapper Childish Gambino, through the function, distributed free sneakers to Coachella visitors – they received a notice that a couple could be picked up at the vintage market within an hour.

AirDrop allows you to send photos, videos, contacts and links via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to owners of Apple devices that have this feature turned on. You can send content at a distance of no more than 10 meters. Since AirDrop allows anonymity, users often do not know from whom they received the file.

When a lot of people gather in one place – in the subway, school classes, at concerts , it becomes impossible to calculate who sent the file. Usually, users specifically change the device name to ridiculous or funny names like “ meme dealer ”, “ send cat pics ” or “ Shrek’s wife ”.

Sending content via AirDrop is easier and faster than using social networks or instant messengers: you do not need a phone number, email or account name of another person. The function also allows you to send files to dozens of people without the need to create a group chat.

Strange memes

Back in 2014, the editor of The Verge told how he sent a picture with a sloth in a space suit to people in the subway and coffee shops through AirDrop hundreds of times. The author watched the reactions – some laughed, others were surprised, but no one was angry.

Users continue to share strange pictures or incomprehensible memes. “This is a special kind of image. It’s funny to look at your phone and see something random, ” said a 16-year-old teenager from the state of Pennsylvania to The Atlantic. The recipient can see only a small preview before accepting the file, so too complex content will not work.

I was at the museum in the aquarium and someone sent it to me through AirDrop: “Where is my goddamn son”

I tried to have dinner, but some girls needed to send it via AirDrop

In schools, the mass exchange of memes can become a problem – teachers sometimes get under the “shelling”. Adobe Spark’s product manager, Veronica Belmont, told the publication that during the presentation, an insane meme was received via AirDrop and thought that schoolgirls were mocking her.

Sam Bendinelli, a teacher from New Jersey, said that schoolchildren usually send each other nothing dangerous: “This thing is used instead of social networks. I would say that 80% percent are memes. It’s like a big chat where most people sit anonymously. ” At the same time, students try not to send anything to teachers. Adults usually call the iPhone by its name, so it’s easier for schoolchildren to avoid them. Bendinelli said that he turned off AirDrop at school and recommended that other teachers do the same.

Adults who accidentally get into an AirDrop meme usually feel uncomfortable or feel they are being troll. But 18-year-old Alex does not think that adults should be afraid of something. In his opinion, adolescents still try to avoid older ones, because in any case they will not understand humor.


By sending memes, teens find common themes with each other. “This is a method of mass communication based on geolocation,” said Tiffany Zhong, founder of the Z Generation Research Center. “At parties and at school there are always people you don’t know. You just want to find out who is around. ” Some send a friend a link to a Snapchat or a selfie with an account name on Instagram.

A 17-year-old girl from California told me that she met several people using the Apple feature. “About 35 people subscribed to me after AirDrop. Considering that they follow you, not knowing what you look like or who you are, this is quite a lot. ”

Harassment and bullying

Some teens go beyond what can be shared. Some send nude photos and porn. Others intimidate each other by disseminating compromising or unflattering shots of their classmates.

My cousin bar told how often in the dining room you can get someone’s “naked” photos on AirDrop. I’m glad I graduated before the persecution became so advanced

The girl had sex with two guys in the gym. Videos distributed via AirDrop. The girl was expelled. Guys are not touched.

In my class, some girls sent “naked” photos to the boys, and they sent them through the AirDrop to the whole school.

Bullying does not end with the distribution of candid photos and videos. In 2018, a dark-skinned schoolgirl was sent a photo of the Ku Klux Klan members via AirDrop — the school’s management could not figure out who did it. In March 2019, a group of black students in Boston was sent a picture with a “blackface” and the signature “Congratulations on the month of African American history.” In Chicago, a 14-year-old teenager sent a swastika to classmates at a school meeting – he was charged with distributing obscene images.

Since AirDrop is a standard feature of any iPhone, and not a social network, it does not have tools for moderation. No one can be blocked for posting pornography or offensive content.


Schools have problems cheating through AirDrop. Teens send each other answers to tests during lessons or homework during recess. In the US, teachers prohibit students from using phones in class and annul the test results if they notice smartphones in the hands of children.

My child told how his classmates were caught cheating. They were allowed to use the calculator in the phones during the test. But some “smart” guys started using their iPhones to discard answers to the others. The iPhone teacher also got them.

The biggest betrayal happened today, when the teacher pointed to me and said: “Look at this student who does not write off.” Then the whole class began to talk about how I throw off the answers to them on AirDrop

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