The movable statue of “love” in the Georgian Batumi

Every evening, a young man and a girl unite into one and separate.

In the Georgian city of Batumi, for about ten years, there is a statue of Ali and Nino. It shows the love story between a young man from Azerbaijan and a girl from Georgia from the novel “Ali and Nino”.

In the plot of the book, the couple loved each other, but they faced misunderstanding and obstacles due to the difference in faith and nationality. When they do get married, Ali dies tragically, leaving Nino alone.

Every evening for 10 minutes, the figures converge, merge into one figure and diverge. Thus, the statue exactly repeats the plot of the novel.

The author of the sculpture was Tamara Kvesitadze. It took two years to develop the statue and it was highly appreciated at all the exhibitions where it was shown.

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