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Service DC Universe closed the series “Swamp Thing” a week after the release of the first series

The reason was the mistake of the accountant.

Shot from the pilot of the “Marsh Creature” Warner Brothers Television

Streaming service DC Universe canceled “Swamp Thing” a week after the release of the first series on the air. The company will release the remaining series on a schedule, but will not begin to shoot new seasons. This was reported edition of Variety.

As the journalist John Gholson explained (John Gholson), the reason for the cancellation of the show was an error in the papers. The studio wanted to cut production costs in half by getting a $ 40 million tax credit in North Carolina. However, due to incorrectly executed documents, the authorities were able to provide only about $ 14 million.

Thus, the studio would have to pay extra $ 26 million to produce the remainder of the first season, with a total budget of approximately $ 80 million. Apparently, because of this, DC cut the number of episodes from 13 to 10 in April 2019.

As noted by Golson, due to changes in funding, the studio could either dramatically reduce the quality of the second season, or close the project. According to him, any potential benefit was covered by a high budget.

The premiere of the first episode of The Swamp Creature took place on the DC Universe streaming service on May 31, 2019. The series tells about the Center for Disease Control Worker Abbie Arcane, who is faced with an unusual disease that came from the swamps of the American backwoods.

The project was to be the first TV show with a horror slant among DC shows. Both viewers and critics greeted him quite warmly: the rating of the first episode on Rotten Tomatoes is 92%, and viewers rated him on IMDB at 9.0.

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