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On the skyscraper in London built “tech” pool overlooking the city. But no one understands how to get out

The answer is, but it still looks like the typical killing of characters in the Sims.

Photo Source Credit: from Compass Pools

In early June, the British company Compass Pools presented the concept of an outdoor pool on the roof of a 200-meter skyscraper in London. Designers have focused on the fact that this is the first in the world swimming pool with a 360 degree view, revealing the best view of the city. Its construction should begin in 2020.

The walls and floor of the pool will be made completely transparent – so swimmers can be seen even inside the building. The built-in anemometer will monitor the wind power on the roof, and a special system will constantly maintain the desired temperature.

Photo Source Credit: from Compass Pools

Compass Pools published several concept images and sent them to the media. After that, journalists and users of social networks have one question: how will people get into the pool and get out of it? There are no stairs or elevators in the pictures – only the “infinite” pool on the 55th floor.

How to enter the pool?

“And how to get out?”

Looks great until you need to drop you there in the helicopter, otherwise how to get there

No one will enter, no one will leave. People in the image will die in this pool

Someone even remembered the “classic” killing of characters in the Sims game – it was necessary to sell the pool ladder.

I never thought that my children’s Sims pool design would be worth the money

That’s how I killed a few characters in the Sims.

I killed so many Sims with this idea. Don’t get fooled, it’s a trap!

The answer to the questions in social networks is, but, as noted in the media, it sounds like excerpts from a science fiction film. Compass Pools technical director Alex Kemsley explained that a spiral staircase system would be used at the bottom of the pool. At the right moment, it will rise on the “principle of the submarine.”

According to Kemsley, this solution is “a bit in the style of James Bond”. He did not disclose any other details, for example, what will happen to water after opening the door and raising the stairs.

I studied this sentence [with explanation] for a full minute and still didn’t understand what it meant

Need to climb stairs from the bottom? How do they save water while people go out and come in? Is it like a submarine hatch?

They definitely have no plans to ever build it. Can you imagine how long the ladder will work? Rise, pump out water, perform its function, replace water, descend

And there is no backup option in case of breakage. If the ladder for some reason does not rise, then people will get stuck in the pool without being able to get out.

I would have watched such a movie. All we need is a storm with a strong wind (the situation is familiar to London)

Kemsley noted that there are no other stairs by the pool so as not to spoil the view of London. But the city has another problem – there rain comes on average 106 days a year.

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