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Meme: Dancing man at the wedding

A picture of almost fifteen years ago was remembered on Reddit and used to describe the crazy fun.

At the beginning of June, a meme with two dancing men spread in social networks, which is used to show the sudden activity of the joke’s hero: the joy of moths from the light of a light bulb or the fun of surviving bacteria after exposure to soap.

The picture appeared in runet back in 2005. Presumably, LiveJournal @ wunder_bar user posted a picture with the signature “Come on, Dad,” and after that it was used for the photoshop battle on the site “Ya Cry.”

After 14 years of photo, now without a signature, again gained popularity. At the beginning of June 2019, the first memes began to be made on Reddit from the picture .

Today it’s hot, I will sleep with the windows open. 
/ Mosquitoes: 

None: / Bees explain the location of the flower in the hive: 

I: * listen to music with headphones * / Bacteria in my ears

Soon the template picked up the community in “VKontakte”. At first, the meme was used to show the joy of microbes and bacteria that celebrated their survival.

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