iFixit disassembled Powerbeats Pro. They can not be repaired

Masters iFixit disassembled wireless headphones Powerbeats Pro . They turned out to be very difficult to fix, almost impossible.

To disassemble the body, be sure to need a knife. The battery and motherboard are soldered to another card that goes to the headphone driver. Chip H1 soldered to the motherboard.

Inside the accessory, a 200 mWh battery is installed, just like in Galaxy Buds. This is twice as much as in AirPods with a rate of 93 mWh.

The battery in “bits” even theoretically can not be replaced.

With a case for charging, too, it was not easy to figure out. It is almost completely saturated with glue , which greatly complicates the repair process. Inside there is a 1.3 W battery, which also cannot be easily disassembled due to the presence of glue.

Headphone chip is penetrated by fragile ribbon cables that are not disconnected. And to continue the analysis, you need to cut them.

As a result, Powerbeats Pro received 1 point of maintainability out of 10. They can not be repaired.

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