FT: Google warned the US government about the risks to national security because of the blacklisting of Huawei

Due to such restrictions, a Chinese company may create an operating system, a copy of Android, that is vulnerable to hacking.

Google has warned the administration of Donald Trump about the threat to US national security because of the blacklisting of Huawei. This was stated by thenewspaper Financial Times.

Google believes that the ban to update Android on Huawei smartphones may prompt a Chinese company to develop its operating system, which will be more susceptible to hacking.

Google claims that the suspension of cooperation with Huawei is dangerous for the United States because of the likelihood of creating two versions of the Android operating system: the original and a copy. The second can put Huawei phones at risk of hacking.

interlocutor Financial Times

March 17, Huawei said that it has created a backup operating system in case of a serious deterioration in relations with the United States. The Chinese company intends to switch to it if it cannot use Windows and Android.

The conflict between Huawei and the US authorities escalated in May 2019, when the US Department of Commerce put the company on the “black list”. After that, American firms began to refuse to work with it , including Google, IBM, Qualcomm and more. On May 21, US authorities extended the Huawei license for 90 days.

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