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Durov called on Yandex employees to switch to Telegram to create an analogue to Yandex.News

The proposal came amid FSB pressure on the company.

Pavel Durov spoke about the situation with Yandex, which is required to transfer to the FSB encryption keys for messages and traffic in accordance with the law on data storage. The creator of Telegram wrote about this in his channel.

According to Durov, the trend towards “nationalization” and state pressure on the “business of IT companies” continues in Russia. He believes that this will lead to the rejection by Russian users of domestic products in favor of foreign resources and applications.

Yandex is losing Google’s market share, and the lion’s share of user activity is migrating from VKontakte to Instagram and YouTube.

Thus, the Russian authorities are crippling the local IT market with their own hands, voluntarily surrendering the remnants of the true “sovereignty” of the Russian Internet segment to US control – along with data from tens of millions of Russian citizens.

Pavel Durov

creator of Telegram

In this regard, Durov invited Russian IT specialists and developers to switch to work in Telegram. He recalled that while leaving VKontakte, he organized a Noah’s Ark for the employees there, inviting him to his new project.

Durov suggested that Yandex employees take up the analogue of Yandex.News, only without “censorship” and the restriction of the “Russian-language market.” To do this, they need to write a bot to hire employees.

Telegram has a wealth of data and technology that would allow the creation of such news recommendation services on a global scale – and without political censorship. The technology of instant viewing news Instant View already allows you to view the news of 6 thousand publications around the world from any device, and the statistics of their views in each country allows you to algorithmically calculate the most relevant content at the moment. We can start article recommendations with the Recommended Articles block after reading each article in Telegram, gradually putting it into the service with an hourly selection and global search of all the news in the world. In parallel with the recommendation of the texts, we will deal with the recommendation of the most relevant videos.

The cash reward in Telegram is incomparably higher than in Yandex or Google, but I hope this will not be the main motivation. We have a chance to create the first in the history of the Internet effective and free news aggregator.

Pavel Durov

creator of Telegram

Arkady Volozh and Pavel Durov

In 2011, Durov and the head of Yandex, Arkady Volozh, were included in the Forbes list as individuals who determine the future of Runet. The creator of Telegram also invited Volozh to a private party in Barcelona, ​​and talked with him at public events.

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