Disassembled AirPods 2. These headphones are not suitable for repair

iFixit disassembled AirPods second generation . There are few changes inside, and repairing the headphones is still almost impossible.

Analysis of the headphone wizard decided to start with a case, which had to be fixed in a vice to get a metal hinge. The hinge itself has become stronger compared to the previous generation.

To get the battery and the board, the case had to be very hot. The capacity of the AirPods case battery remains the same – 398 mAh. Unlike the first AirPods board , in the second generation the board has a water-repellent coating.

The headphones themselves use a lot of glue, so experts put them in a solution of isopropyl alcohol to slightly weaken the protection.

It’s hard to disassemble the headphones, but iFixit praised Apple for the compact layout of the components. In a small case, the engineers placed the battery, microphone, antenna, board and speaker.

The board contains the new Apple H1 chip and the Apple 338S00420 stereo audio codec. The battery capacity in each earphone is 93 mW.

As a result, AirPods did not earn any points for maintainability. [ iFixit ]

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