Architecture: Bridge Museum in a Chinese city

The authors of the project believe that it will help integrate art into the everyday life of citizens.

Photo by Tian Fangfang

Atelier FCJZ opened an art gallery in Jishou, China, which connects the banks of the river that flows through the old part of the city. The building can also be used as an ordinary bridge to get from one part of the city to another, its architecture refers to the traditional covered bridges of this region.

Local authorities initially planned to open a gallery on the outskirts of the city, where the rapidly developing modern districts are located, but Atelier FCJZ proposed to make the museum more accessible and for this to be located in the center.

The art museum naturally becomes a pedestrian bridge. We hope that the locals will not only come to see the art, but also meet him on the way to work, to school or to the store.
Atelier FCJZ representative

The building consists of two bridges, which are put together: the steel structure at the bottom and the concrete arched museum building at the top. You can go from shore to shore on both bridges.

The authors of the project see their task as to introduce culture into the life of society as organically as possible.

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