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12-year-old pro-player in Fortnite banned on Twitch because of age. Now he has to stream to YouTube with his mother

The teenager overestimated his age to make a career. But thus violated the rules of service.

The administration of Twitch blocked the channel of a professional player in Fortnite under the name H1ghSky1, having learned that he is only 12 years old. Since June, the service rules prohibit broadcasting to children under the age of 13, and H1ghSky1 is too old. The teenager did not finish his career as a streamer, but went on YouTube – you can stream there before the age of 13 in the presence of adults.

Before the blocking, H1ghSky1 had about 500,000 Twitch subscribers and a contract with the FaZe Clan team – he won more than 5,000 dollars in Fortnite tournaments. In May, the team was accused of fraud: they hired a teenager at the age of 11, saying that he was already 13. Investigation into this incident led to a blockage.

After the ban, H1ghSky1 went to YouTube (there he has 900 thousand subscribers) and during the stream admitted that he was lying about his age. “Yes, I am 12. I lied in order to fulfill the dream. I just could not wait another two years, ”the boy said. On YouTube, he will be broadcasting another year with his mother in the frame – this is required by the service rules.

Representatives of Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) said that after the investigation H1ghSky1 was disqualified from all tournaments. The reason – the falsification of data on age. It is not known whether the teenager will be able to continue his career in a few years.

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