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YouTube will remove chauvinistic videos and hide conspiracy clips from recommendations

The company will also remove monetization from authors who constantly violate the rules banning xenophobic statements.

YouTube has changed the rules of the community and banned the publication of videos claiming the superiority of any group to justify discrimination based on age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. This was reported by the company in its blog.

YouTube said that the category of videos that incite hatred includes videos promoting Nazi and other discriminatory ideologies. The company also promised to remove content that denied the Holocaust or shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On the platform will continue to reduce the amount of content with malicious information. Videos that do not break the rules, but where it is told about a flat Earth or the dangers of vaccinations, will be completely removed from the recommendations.

In addition, YouTube will remove monetization from channels whose creators “constantly violate the rules prohibiting xenophobic statements”. They will also be forbidden to use the Superchat, a feature that allows you to leave paid comments during live broadcasts.

Updated community rules will begin to apply immediately. “However, it will take time for our systems to be fully activated. We will gradually expand our reach over the next few months, ”they say on YouTube.

In late February, the company turned off monetization on video promoting the anti-vaccination movement. On May 23, YouTube announced that it would beginremoving malicious and shocking content from the homepage due to threats from advertisers to leave the service.

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