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The FBI released documents about the search for a snowman in the 1970s. The agency even studied hair samples

True, what was initially considered “the hair of an entity unknown to science” turned out to be deerskin.

On June 5, the FBI publicly published several thousand agency documents. Among them, the media noticed a report about trying to prove the existence of a snowman – a mythical humanoid creature who allegedly lives in the mountains.

According to the FBI, in 1976 an Oregon resident named Peter Byrne turned to them. He headed the Yeti Information Center (which he himself had created) and claimed that he had found a sample of hair belonging to a substance unknown to science. Hair allegedly passed the US Forest Service, who noticed a shred on the border with California next to huge footprints.

FBI hair sample

Byrne managed to persuade the FBI to take the hair for analysis. The head of the laboratory department of the agency initially referred to the fact that agents conduct analyzes only in connection with criminal offenses, but then surrendered. The sample was taken for the sake of exclusion in connection with the “interests of science.”

In 1977, the FBI determined who owned the hair. It was not a part of the snowman, but reindeer hair. On this search yeti agency ended.

On the day of the publication of the documents, Byrne told CNBC that he had closed the center for the study of Bigfoot back in the 1990s. But he still leaves no hope of proving that Bigfoot is a reality, not a myth.

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