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Russian LGBT Network has called for a boycott of the film “Rocketman”

The Russian LGBT Network considers the reduction of the “Rocketman” film for 20 minutes to be an outrageous censorship and calls for a boycott of the picture.

We do not know whether the decision to change the film is the result of the overt homophobia of the management of the film company, or the distributors decided to play it safe. But we consider the incident to be an outrageous act of censorship and call for a boycott of the trimmed version of the film.

We believe that the decision of Central Partners, whatever it is dictated, is a direct consequence of the adoption of the “law of propaganda” and the consistent homophobic policy of the Russian authorities. This law promotes an increase in the level of non-acceptance of LGBTIQ in society and at the same time creates favorable conditions for discrimination, violation of rights and violence against homosexual, bisexual and transgender people in the country.
Russian LGBT Network

Earlier, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky said that the distributors of “Rocketman” in Russia, who cut out scenes of sex and kiss between men, operate within the framework of current legislation.

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