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Report from Instagram: Cheats on exams 2019

Every year at the end of May and the beginning of June, students and schoolchildren publish hundreds of photo-testimonials on Instagram of how they prepare an “alternative option”.

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Summer is the season of not only vacations, but also exams. The unified state examination, entrance examinations at universities, state examinations – all these stages in the life of schoolchildren and students leave an imprint on their accounts in social networks.

TJ traditionally collected pictures of different stages of the “spurs” life cycle – from their creation and disguise to subsequent destruction.

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In 2019, more than 140 people were caught in the USE with cribs : their results were canceled, and they can retake the exam only after a year.

The system of monitoring the progress of the USE is worked out and reliable, it allows you to quickly identify almost all violations. Therefore, we once again urge all graduates not to risk their future and not to try to bring cheats and mobile phones to the exams.

Sergey Kravtsov Head of Rosobrnadzor

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Not without scandals: parents of graduates in the village of Mogoytuy in the Trans-Baikal Territory complained that before the start of the Unified State Exam, examiners were looking for cheat sheets under the skirts of schoolgirls. In the regional Ministry of Education promised to understand.

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