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Durov began to fast for the development of Telegram

He declared that he had been sitting on the same water for the last six days, and this made his mind “clear”.

The founder of VKontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov again spoke about his gastronomic diet and its impact on life and work. According to the entrepreneur, after his previous voluminous recommendation in the form of a manifesto about things he refused , he continued to improve his healthy lifestyles.

If a year ago, he added to his diet, the rejection of eggs, fructose, dairy products and gluten, in May 2019, he limited his food to only seafood. Recently, he moved to a radical post – only water and no food. According to him, it helped him to think cleaner.

This month I try something more radical – not to eat any food. I steal the last six days, and while I feel great. Since zero food intake improves clarity of thought, I have done a lot in product management.

Fasting is a great way to allow your digestive system to clear and reboot, it also allows the immune system to do other things besides constantly cleaning incoming food. Our ancestors, engaged in hunting and gathering, existed without food for long periods of time, so our body is not only evolutionarily ready for this, but in fact even expects such respite consumption at least once a year. That is why in many religions there is a tradition to fast – it is useful and necessary for both the body and the spirit.

Obviously, as a result, I may lose some muscle mass, but I believe that if I can come up with new great ideas for Telegram during the post, it will be beneficial for all millions of Telegram users. And to make the lives of our users more enjoyable was and remains my number one priority.

Pavel Durovfounder of Telegram and VKontakte

Durov also said that swimming with the near-zero temperatures, which he practices in Finland and Switzerland, helps him in his work: when it comes to a boring but necessary project. ”

Pavel Durov in Finland Photos from his instagram

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