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UEFA fined 15 thousand euros a model that ran onto the field at the Champions League final

For a girl with almost 3 million subscribers, this is hardly a lot of money.

Kinsey Volanski on the Field Getty Photos

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) fined the model Kinsey Wolanski for 15 thousand euros (about a million rubles at the current rate). The girl ran onto the football field during the UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham. This was reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca.

Volanski must pay 5 thousand euros directly for running out on the field during the match, which is prohibited by the safety rules. Another 10 thousand euro models attributed to advertising erotic site Vitaly Uncensored, whose name was on her swimsuit.

Volanski Run is a planned action by blogger Vitaly Zdorovetsky, who owns the Vitaly Uncensored site. According to a study of the marketing group Apex Marketing Group, thanks to this act, his site can make advertising up to 3.5 million euros.

Kinsey Volanski Race

Kinsey Volanski received world renown for her act: the world’s largest media outlets wrote about her race, and almost three million people subscribed to her instagram per day. Despite the temporary ban due to the hacking of the social network, the model can now sell ads and earn money to pay a fine.

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