Tim Cook: US trade war with China will not affect Apple

He believes that “the Chinese are not focused at all” on his company.

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that the trade war between the United States and China will not affect his company. He said this in an interview with CBS.

Cook said that “at present, the Chinese do not target Apple at all.” At the same time, the head of Apple hopes that the increase in duties will not affect the price of the company’s products.

I know that people think that iPhones are made in China. In fact, they collect it there, and they do it all over the world. So the duty on the iPhone will hit all these countries, but most of all it will hit the USA.

Tim Cook Apple Head

On January 2, Apple published a letter from Tim Cook to shareholders of the company. There he spoke about the fall in iPhone sales in China. The head of Apple has connected this with a slowdown in economic growth.

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