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The story about the CIA and the support of the Ministry of Culture: What is known about the Russian “Chernobyl” on NTV, which will be released 2019 year

Domestic “answer” to the Western show, which was being done in parallel with the show from HBO, but not yet released.

Shot from the TV series “Chernobyl” NTV

On June 4, HBO hosted the premiere of the last episode of the Chernobyl mini-series about the 1986 accident. During the five episodes of the show, it became a global phenomenon – it received the highest marks in the history of IMDB from users, became an occasion for memes and overshadowed Game of Thrones, the last season of which many fans were unhappy with.

At the same time, the Russian federal channels almost completely ignored the “Chernobyl” from HBO. According to Medialogia, during the show, he was told about it only five times – four on “Russia 24” and one in the NTV report. In addition, the Chernobyl accident itself was mentioned on REN TV in the context of an explosion at a plant in Dzerzhinsk.

In social networks against the background of the success of the western series, they recalled the Russian version, which NTV plans to show. The audience suspected the project was distorting the story even before it was released because the main character was not the liquidators of the accident, but an employee of the special services.

Work on the domestic project began in 2014, but since then there has been almost no new information about it.  collected everything that is known about the Russian “Chernobyl” from NTV, which is due out in 2019.


In “Chernobyl” from the HBO events were told mainly on behalf of Academician Valery Legasov, who tried to eliminate the consequences of the accident. Periodically, the authors also showed stories of individuals affected by the explosion. The series began immediately after the accident.

The Russian version in 2018 was positioned as the first multi-part feature film, which restores the chronology of events and talks about “the heroic everyday life of the liquidators of its consequences.”

Shot from the TV series “Chernobyl” NTV

According to the official synopsis, the action of the series will cover a period a few hours before the accident, the explosion itself and a few months later. The plot is built around the search for CIA officer Albert Lenz, and the main character will be Lieutenant Colonel of military counterintelligence Andrei Nikolaev. He will try to stop the foreign agent and prevent an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The action of the series takes place from April to December 1986. The Ukrainian department of the KGB of the USSR is becoming aware of the interest shown by foreign intelligence services to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

from the official synopsis of “Chernobyl” (2020)

The authors claimed that “they will show what happened then.” According to them, there will be many dramatic and tragic lines in the series.

Who worked on the show

The director of all 12 episodes was made by Alexey Muradov, who has extensive experience in the production of TV projects, especially historical ones. Muradov made several TV shows about the Second World War, including Zhukov, Katya 2, Fighters, and also worked on the Russian adaptation of The Mentalist.

Shot from the TV series “Chernobyl” NTV

The script worked Valentin Spiridonov, known for “Indigo” and many TV shows, such as “I am Wolf Messing”, “Forgotten” and not only. The showrnerner and producer was Andrei Feofanov, who also worked mainly on little-known projects on television.

The role of lieutenant colonel counterintelligence Andrei Nikolayev in the series was played by actor Igor Petrenko. He is known for his participation in the series “The Sleepers ”, the film “Pilgrim”, “The Driver for the Faith” and other films. The NTV told TJ that the father of the actor was working to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and measured the soil at the level of radiation. Petrenko asked his father about the accident to play a role.

“Sleepers” could become another typical series about security officials, who have been playing on federal TV for ten years, if not for the bond Bondarchuk-Bykov-Minayev. The eminent producer achieved high quality pictures and picked up the actors, the director revealed his inner struggle between the conservative and the liberal in the two main characters of the series , and the screenwriter created a story about the wrong side of the Russian opposition, taking as a basis the stories of his friends from the FSB about, as he says , the real story from 2012.

Igor Petrenko in the TV series “Chernobyl” NTV

Production of “Chernobyl” from NTV engaged company Amalgama Studio. Prior to that, she worked on several serials for Channel One, including “Mannequin” and “Angel in the Heart”, and also released a full-length film “From Five to Seven”.

Chernobyl was developed with the support of the Ministry of Culture: in 2014, the ministry allocated a subsidy of 30 million rubles for it. The studio was supposed to show the show to the officials in December 2016, but in the end the term was moved to April 2019.

The delay was explained by the search for an investor. As TJ found out from the representatives of NTV, as of June, the project was never sent to the Ministry of Culture.

Work on the “Chernobyl” from HBO began in 2013. The author of the series Craig Mazin (Craig Mazin) previously wrote scripts for “Scary Movie 3” and the second “Bachelor Party in Vegas”, and to prepare for the project spent five years studying the accident.

How to shoot the show and when it comes out

Many critics and viewers praised HBO’s “Chernobyl” for attention to detail and accurate reproduction of the 1980s aesthetics of the USSR. The series was filmed mainly in Lithuania in the spring of 2018. For filming using the real Ignalina nuclear power plant, which is disabled.

The filming of the Russian “Chernobyl” took place in the summer of 2018 in Belarusian cities — Minsk, Mozyr, Khotimsk, Slutsk, Molodechno and others are on the list. The creators claim that they paid particular attention to the choice of locations and found places where time “stopped in the 80s.”

Shot from the TV series “Chernobyl” NTV

Viewers are also promised many crowd scenes. According to NTV, during the filming of the evacuation of the city, the number of participants in extras reached 400 people per scene. In addition, they used military equipment of those times, like GAZ-66, Uralov trucks and fire engines.

This is a very complex historical project telling about the tragedy that occurred in Chernobyl, about the fate of the liquidators, about the heroism of the people. We have studied archival documents for several years, conducted a whole historical study, and restored the chronology of events.

Andrey Feofanov producer of “Chernobyl” from NTV

At the time of writing, only an unofficial trailer can be found online. The NTV confirmed to TJ that the video was mounted from the series’ frames.

Judging by recent statements by the producer of the project, the show of the 12 episodes will be shown on NTV in 2019. The authors and representatives of the channel did not specify the specific date.

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