The main star of the conference Apple – stand for a thousand dollars monitor

After WWDC, the controversy does not subside whether the price of the stand is justified, comparable to the cost of the new iPhone.

June 3 at the annual Apple conference for developers was a traditional presentation of the company. They showed iOS 13, a separate OS for iPad (iPadOS), macOS Catalina, and also announced the division of iTunes into several different services. Of the hardware, Apple introduced only one product – a Mac Pro computer.

Pro Display XDR Display with Pro Stand

The Verge edition noted that the Pro Stand is the only display-compatible stand from Apple (along with the VESA mount for $ 199). The accessory allows you to rotate and adjust the height of the monitor – there is even a portrait mode. But journalists are still amazed that it is at the level of the latest iPhones.

The price of the Pro Stand was briefly mentioned at the presentation. During the broadcast, the buzz was heard after the announcement – an atypical phenomenon for Apple events.

Yesterday, Apple announced that a stand for their display costs $ 999. And you can hear the conviction in the hall

In social networks, too, sharply responded to the monitor stand for a thousand dollars. Perplexity was expressed by ordinary users, journalists, and techno-bloggers.

When I thought that Apple prices could not be even more stupid and overpriced, they produce a monitor stand for a thousand dollars. You again outdid yourself

I need help choosing between the iPhone XS and the stand for the new Apple monitor for 5 thousand dollars

A STAND for a new Apple monitor will cost $ 999. This is the price of the stand. STANDS

I can not call myself an Apple display for 5 thousand dollars, so I’ll go and buy a stand for a thousand. It will be wonderful

What could be obtained for 999 dollars in 2011 and in 2019

“Let’s sell the stand separately”

After the presentation, journalists were invited to take a closer look at Mac Pro. And on one table a stand was placed separately, which immediately attracted the attention of visitors to WWDC.

Only Apple can ask for a thousand dollars for a stand and then make it look like a work of art.

In the following days, several publications at once criticized Apple for the overestimated cost of the Pro Stand. Engadget editor Devindra Hardavar, for example, called the accessory “useless expensive gadget.”

Before you answer me: I understand perfectly well that the needs of professionals differ from ordinary consumers. They will pay 5 thousand dollars for the monitor if it is close in quality to the reference models for 40 thousand. And they won’t be embarrassed by the Mac Pro’s starting price of 6 thousand dollars

But nevertheless, I do not see a professional excuse for a stand for $ 999, especially if decent rotating mounts cost about $ 32. And judging by the reaction to WWDC, even loyal Apple fans doubted the company’s wisdom.

Devindra Hardavar Engadget editor

The price of the Apple monitor stand has become a meme in a few days. “For a thousand dollars, you can just hire someone to hold the display,” joked CNet.

Apple: a stand costs a thousand dollars. I:

How users will use an Apple monitor with a stand for a thousand dollars

I already have a stand for a thousand dollars, thanks

You vs. the guy you were told not to worry about

Choose wisely

But not everyone met the Pro Stand with ridicule. Techno-blogger Jonathan Morrison, who was one of the first to try out a Mac Pro, noted that in a professional environment, monitors like the Pro XDR Display are generally used without stands. And the decision to remove the stand from the kit gave customers an additional option – to buy a display for $ 999 cheaper.

Gizmodo employee Sam Rutherford called the price on the Pro Stand ridiculous, but stressed that all of WWDC with Mac Pro was not intended for regular users. A modular computer is a device for large design firms and video studios with large budgets. One of the “professionals” launched a twitter thread with Mac Pro cost analysis, where he concluded: “The price is reasonable for those who need a computer. If you want such a home, then you are an idiot. “

But, according to Rutherford, the perturbations could have been avoided if Apple simply included the cost of the stand in the XDR Display kit. The price of $ 999 causes more discussion in social networks than the originally unattainable 11 thousand sets of “Mac Pro + Display”. A similar position was expressed by techno-blogger Quinn Nelson.

One thing I forgot to mention in the Mac Pro video: the whole drama could have been avoided. Apple had to say something like: “Pro Display XDR will cost $ 5,999, and for those who want a VESA mount, $ 5,199”

Russian bloggers also emphasized that the entire Mac Pro suite is not for everyone. And stand as well.

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