On “Russia 24” they said that they “turned around” the serial “Chernobyl”. A week later, the presenter promised to apologize for inaccuracies

Shot from the plot of “Russia 24” about the TV series “Chernobyl”

On the TV channel, they told that no one prevented Academician Legasov from publishing articles on the 1986 disaster. But it is not.

On May 28, on “Russia 24” as part of the evening edition of “Vesti”, a large story about the TV series “Chernobyl” was released. Presenter Stanislav Natanzon drew attention to historical inaccuracies in the plot and focused on things that “distorted HBO producers”. The recording of the broadcast is available on the YouTube channel “Russia 24”, the passage begins at 5:44.

The main theses against “Chernobyl”:

  • In the reviews, where they praise the series for the plausibility, for some reason, miss the details. For example, in Pripyat in 1986 there are double-glazed windows on the windows and glazed balconies;
  • Suicide of academician Valeriy Legasov is shown incorrectly. He was not watched by KGB officers, but hanged himself during the day, not at night;
  • Legasov in the series secretly records on the cassettes the details of the Chernobyl accident. The presenter said that no one prevented the academician from publishing these details in the press: as an argument he cited the article “My duty to tell you about it” from the Pravda newspaper of 1987;
  • In Chernobyl, engineers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during an accident “run like zombies,” and the deputy chief engineer, Anatoly Dyatlov, is “shown as a dictator.” According to the presenter, in reality, the staff acted efficiently, and Dyatlov participated in “well-coordinated work”;
  • In the series, at the first meeting of the accident elimination commission, officials decide to temporarily not let residents of Pripyat out of the city and break the connection. The moderator assured that the citizens were quietly released from the city and did not hide the details of the accident from them;
  • The liquidator of the Chernobyl NPP accident, Vladimir Asmolov, also took part in the broadcast, who for 10 minutes dismantled the incorrect details of Chernobyl. The same liquidator wrote an article for Forbes with an analysis of the inaccuracies of the series, but also noted: “The work of [the authors of the series] deserves compliments, especially given the fact that the authors themselves belong not only to a completely different generation of people, but also to a different culture.”.

Ilya Shepelin, the journalist of Dozhd, and the host of the Fake News program drewattention to the plot of Russia 24 . He was outraged by the part about Legasov, in which the presenter said that the academician was not prevented from talking about the catastrophe and that his articles were published in Pravda.

Legasov sent the article to Pravda in the 87th year, but they refused to publish it. Every day, Legasov called a Pravda correspondent friend and asked: “Is there a reaction?” There was no reaction. Legasov’s proposals at the same time were stubbed at the Academy of Sciences. He, the real hero of Chernobyl, Gorbachev decided not to award the title of Hero of Socialist Labor (although he rewarded his colleagues).

Legasov, suffering from radiation sickness and feeling like an outcast, hanged himself in ’88. And two weeks after his death, Pravda still published his article.Ilya Shepelinjournalist “Rain”

“My duty to tell you about this” is really not an article by Legasov, but a transcript of his audio recordings. His notes are included in books about the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and also mentioned in the documentary film of the NTV channel about the life of the academician. According to the memoirs ofLegasov’s relatives, he was hampered in career advancement at the institute and was not given a Social Worker Hero – this actually affected his health and mental state.

In the comments under Facebook Shepelin’s post, presenter Stanislav Natanzon promised to apologize on Russia 24. addressed him with a question: will this be done in the special airs about “Chernobyl” or is it just mentioned in the next storyline? The moderator did not answer.

This is mistake. I, frankly, heard about this article in one of someone’s old reports about Legasov and did not double-check. My mistake, thanks for pointing it out. When I do something else about it, I’ll mention it and apologize …

But this does not change the general story. That is, yes, the Soviet Union lied to its people about the accident (this is just a clinical fact), but no evil KGB drove Legasoff to suicide. And there is simply no factual evidence of this. Read that he himself in those films dictated about the KGB. Legasov seemed to have a conflict with other scientists (count with Khomyuk), and not with the KGB. Only, damn it, don’t call me a KGB defender – I’m not talking about that.

Stanislav Natanzon Leading “Russia 24”

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