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Daniel Radcliffe smokes and walks dogs

Reddit users returned the actor to the franchise, which made him famous.

Daniel Raddcliffe on the set of the film “Girl without complexes” Photo Abaca USA

In 2014, the paparazzi photographed Daniel Reddcliffe smoking a cigarette with nine dogs in New York. Then director Judd Apatow confirmed that the photos were made on the set of the film “Girl without complexes”. The director joked that this is not a cameo: the actor is just walking the dogs.

A year later, Raddcliff told him that the idea of ​​tying dogs belonged to him: “I saw people in New York walking their dogs with tied leashes to a belt. I thought it was funny, and suggested to Apatow to add it to the film: he agreed. ” The actor also noted that the costume designer had been collecting his belt all night long, because he could not find a suitable one anywhere: “I then apologized to him all day”.

Five years later, Reddit again remembered the picture – the photo of Reddcliffe became the basis for the photoshop battle. Not without reference to Harry Potter, the actor’s similarity to Elijah Wood, the memo from the movie Akimbo’s Guns and other Internet jokes.

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