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Memes that help to cope with the heavy atmosphere of the series “Chernobyl”

Users of social networks using jokes conceptualize and soften the impressions of the show about the 1986 catastrophe.

On June 4, the last episode of “Chernobyl” was released – a five-part HBO show about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The series led the audience rating iMDb with an average rating of 9.7 points out of 10 – higher than the “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad”. The final of “Chernobyl” only strengthened theleadership – 9.9 out of 10.

In social networks in Russia and in the West, users wrote that at some moments the show strongly pressed on the viewer and bordered on the horror genre because of the detailed horror demonstration of 1986. Even after the first days of the accident, the writers found episodes that they just wanted to “squander”.

Despite the seriousness of Chernobyl, the audience came up with numerous memes about the series. They related to specific scenes, the causes of the accident and the most memorable characters. Immediately several Western publications have suggested that a joke – one of the ways to understand and to “soften” the events in contemporary culture. And Chernobyl, pressing on the viewer, needed a discharge in the form of memes.Spoilers: memes reveal plot details of the Chernobyl series.

AZ-5 – reactor emergency protection system. The explosion in the fourth unit happened after pressing the button

Sitnikov explains that graphite is visible on earth (proof of a serious accident) – Dyatlov, Fomin and Bryukhanov

Fire – Doctors Pripyat – milk – 15 thousand X-ray

Come to us in Chernobyl, we have: dubstep machine, savory stones, confetti, a live concert by the composer Vangelis, fidget spinners, CYKA

RBMK reactor exploded – Russian scientists: “Stop, this is illegal”

Boris Scherbina in the 3rd and 4th series – Boris Scherbina in the 2nd series

Our reactor exploded – did you try to turn it off and on again?

Legasov – Woodpeckers – a good dosimeter

Many jokes concerned the Soviet government, which in the series thinks more about the image of a “strong Soviet Union” than about the accident. Because of this, Chernobyl at first ignored the seriousness of the situation.

Soviet leadership in the first series of “Chernobyl”

Comrades, how do you turn off the reactor? 
– Button – Vodka – We no longer have a reactor

Radiation: * destructive *. 
Soviet government: 

The first series was mostly devoted to the NPP employees who were the first to encounter an accident. Time after time in “Chernobyl” they show how, when interacting with radiation, they received a “nuclear tan”.

Chernobyl employee: “Hmm, this is strange.” Chernobyl employee five minutes later:

Chernobyl employee: “Hmm, this is strange.” 
Chernobyl employee five seconds later:

The symbol of denying the catastrophe was the deputy chief engineer for the operation of the Chernobyl NPP, Anatoly Dyatlov . In “Chernobyl” constantly point to Dyatlov’s guilt in the accident, and the entire first series says that nothing serious happened. And when they try to convince him, he says that the person is “delirious”.

“It’s not there, I was there, there are no cores there …” – “DID YOU LOWER THE RODS? I NEED WATER IN MY ACTIVE REACTOR AREA. HE IS NOT IN YOURSELF, DISABLE IT ”

Comrades, this man is not in himself. 
Take him to the infirmary

I did not detonate the reactor, this is not true, this is nonsense, I have not done it. 
Oh, hi

You have not seen graphite on earth, because it is not there. 
Change my mind

No, comrade, this is just the northern lights.

Throughout the first series, the characters repeat one phrase: “Radiation – 3.6 X-rays per hour. Not great, but not terrible. ” This is an indicator of the dosimeter at the station, and on the basis of these data, the scale of the disaster was underestimated. The problem is that 3.6 X-rays is the maximum bar of that dosimeter. And the level of radiation was much higher.

When is the last episode coming out? – The third of June (3.6), on Monday. – 3.6 … Not great, but not terrible

Dyatlov Comrade, please tell me again

Oh, only 3.6 X-rays are not great, but not terrible.

Say your phrase, Woodpeckers! 
– 3.6 roentgens

3.6 x-ray per hour – 12 thousand x-ray per hour

One of the hardest moments of the fourth series is shooting of dogs by liquidators in the Alienation Zone. Memes helped “soften” this scene.

All Chernobyl dogs go to heaven

Watching the fourth episode of “Chernobyl”

My dog ​​while watching “Chernobyl”

PS Based on the “Chernobyl” motives, there are enough artifacts.

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