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In Tinder confirmed registration in the register of Roskomnadzor. The company denies the transfer of user data to authorities

“We are registered to comply with the requirements of the law.”

A Tinder representative confirmed that the company gave Roskomnadzor data for inclusion in the register of information dissemination organizers, Kommersant reported . At the same time, the service stated that they did not transfer user data to the authorities.

On June 3, Match Group, LLC, which owns Tinder, provided the necessary information to Roskomnadzor. After that, it was included in the register of information dissemination organizers.

We received a registration request from the Russian authorities, and at the moment we are registered to comply with the requirements of the law.

However, this registration does not in any way imply the transfer of any user or personal data to any Russian regulatory authorities. We did not transmit any data to the Russian government.Tinder representative

The Tinder website says that the company may disclose personal user data to execute a court decision, help prevent crime or protect a user’s security.

May 31 Roskomnadzor introduced service for online dating Tinder in disseminators of information registry. Companies entering this registry are required to keep message logs for six months and provide the secret services with keys to decrypt messages.

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