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“Freedom to nipples”: the photographer organized a “naked” rally against censorship on Instagram and Facebook

Protesters were covered with images of male nipples.

American photographer and artist Spencer Tunick (Spencer Tunick) organized acampaign against the policies of Facebook and Instagram, which does not allow to publish photos with bare female nipples. Dozens of naked women came to the action.

Tunic #WeTheNipple share (“We, nipples”) near the New York office of Facebook after the artistic images of naked women, which were published by members of the human rights group Grab Them By The Ballot, blocked on the social network .

The action was attended by over 100 people who came to the rally completely naked. They were only partially covered up with male nipple insignia belonging to Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, artist Andres Serrano and Tunik himself.

What I am allowed to publish does not fundamentally coincide with what I am doing. As a 21st century artist, I rely on Instagram. This is a worldwide media, and its censorship destroys my spirit.

Spencer Tunic photographer and artist

Spencer Tunik is one of the most famous American photographers, famous for photographs of tens, hundreds and thousands of naked people gathered in the most unusual places for this. In 2007, he managed to gather in Mexico over 18,000 volunteers from different countries for his unusual photo session.Instagram

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