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Bond-25: new troubles and some details about the plot

Daniel Craig’s ankle was just the beginning. Today there was an explosion on the set.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the frame of the movie “007: SPECTRUM” Photo: Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures / Columbia Pictures

According to the official twitter account of James Bond, today on the shooting of the so far unnamed twenty-fifth film about the adventures of the British superspy, a state of emergency occurred – the planned controlled explosion went out of control somewhat. As a result, one of the pavilions of the British film studio Pinewood Studios, where the filming took place, was damaged, and one of the crew members who was outside the building was slightly injured.

The announcement of the state of emergency on Twitter “bondiana”

British tabloid The Sun complements the picture of what happened: according to newspaper sources, something went wrong while shooting a scene using a fireball in the MI-6 laboratory, which resulted in three powerful explosions in a row. They led to the partial destruction of the roof and walls of the filming pavilion. The newspaper claims that the injured member of the film crew was lying outside the building.

Pavilion Pinewood Studios after the explosion.  Photo: The Sun

The accident happened shortly after the lead star Daniel Craig on May 23 injured hisankle during the filming of scenes from the movie in Jamaica. As a result, the actor required a small surgical intervention. The recovery period will take two weeks, but the shooting did not stop – the premiere of the picture is still scheduled for April 8, 2020.

Recall that the director of “Bond-25” became Carey Fukunaga, replacing Danny Boyle, who bid farewell to the franchise because of “creative differences” with the producers. In addition to Craig, the film features many people familiar from previous films in the series: Naomi Harris as Miss Manipenny, Leah Seydou as Dr. Madeline Swan, Ben Wishaw as Technical Genius Kyu, Jeffrey Wright as Tsrushnik Felix Leiter and Rafe Fiennes as Chief Bond – M. The role of the main villain in the film went to Rami Malek (“Mr. Robot”).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the beginning of the future picture will show us Bond, who left Her Majesty’s service and enjoying a carefree life in Jamaica. The grace of Bond’s old friend Felix Leiter, who suddenly appears to ask for help, interrupts his grace. It is necessary to save the kidnapped scientist, who is actually much more insidious than one could imagine. The dangerous mission will force agent 007 to face a mysterious villain who possesses advanced genetic engineering technologies and clearly does not intend to use them for good purposes.

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