Xiaomi and Oppo showed prototypes of smartphones with a front-facing camera hidden under the screen.

The next step to the frameless devices after the “hooks” and sliding mechanisms.

On June 3, the Chinese smartphone maker Oppo tweeted a prototype device with a selfie camera located under the screen – without a “bang” or a sliding mechanism. After several hours, similar development was demonstrated in Xiaomi.

In the 15-second video from Oppo demonstrates the phone, which is not visible front camera. But when you turn on the shooting mode, it turns out that it is still there, just hidden under the display. As evidence, an Oppo employee took a picture and covered the camera with his finger.

A company spokesman, Brian Shen, later remarked : “At this stage it is difficult to compete with ordinary cameras under the screen, there will definitely be a loss of quality. But no new technology reaches perfection immediately. ”

A few hours later, Xiaomi President Lin Bin published a “small look at the future” from the company. In the video, an unannounced phone with a camera under the display was compared with a smartphone with a standard “bang”. As in the OPPO video, an employee of Xiaomi took a photo on a selfie camera, which is not visible under the screen.

Both companies have not announced when the featured smartphones will be officially presented.

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