WWDC 2019

Presentation at the annual Apple conference for developers, which show new versions of operating systems, but not only.
June 3 in San Jose will host the World Conference for Apple Developers WWDC. On the first day of the conference, the presentation of new products will traditionally take place: journalists expect that this time the guests will be shown iOS 13, macOS 10.15, as well as watchOS and tvOS updates. But the main “nail” of the presentation is expected the next generation of Mac Pro – the most powerful computers from Apple, the design of which was last changed in 2013: then they were placed in a case resembling an urn the announcements of the presentation live

A wheelchair user went to the scene – it seems, for the first time in Apple history. 
Represents the Apple Maps command. 
It was even more interesting than the features that she introduced. 

Wow how they remade the application with reminders. 
So quickly you can’t list them all, but Craig managed (and I don’t).

Sometimes it seems to me that the dark themes are some kind of meme, which I was not told about. In iOS, they were waiting for her and met with enthusiasm in social networks.

IOS 13

Again, jokes about “a team of marketers on crack,” who came up with the original name for the new iOS.

Craig explains: this version is mainly about speed. Face ID now unlocks the screen 30% faster, and system and application updates take up 50-60% less space. Applications run up to two times faster.

Even well-known techno-blogger Marquez Brownlee doesn’t count on anything except Mac Pro, an avid gadget man.

Oh, there Apple has already noticed the renaming of iOS for iPad to iPadOS – that is, the system will now develop completely separately from the smartphone version.

Which is logical, given the rather strong differences in iOS 11 and especially iOS 12.

Apple, of course, uses Emoji and its anmoji in marketing. All these animations are perfectly smooth, and for some reason there is a feeling that all these symbols of the modern Internet are theirs, not common.

Animated screensaver over, the intro video about the developers began. Developers who are developing something. And program. Well, we understood, yes.

The journalist Bi-bi-si writes that today’s presentation can last 2.5 hours. I hope that they lie!
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