Roscosmos will not create a separate detachment of female astronauts

The state corporation clarified that there is a single squad.

Roscosmos will not create a separate female cosmonaut detachment. About this at a press conference at the MIA “Russia Today”, said the executive director of the state corporation for manned programs, Sergei Krikalev, reports TASS.

According to the representative of Roskosmos, the women’s squad will not be created, since the corporation already has a single squad in which both women and men are members.

It was said that historically it happened that there are fewer women in our detachment than in the American detachment, and the reason for this is not some extraordinary demands on women who are presented, but simply in the number of applicants.Sergey KrikalevExecutive Director of Roscosmos

Krikalev also clarified that the requirements for women and men in the selection are very similar. According to him, “there is a slight difference in physical fitness, but from the point of view of knowledge, motivation — if a person does not want, then he has nothing to do in the detachment.”

On January 21, a TASS source reported that Roscosmos would form a detachment of female cosmonauts. According to the agency, the corporation had to search for candidates for the detachment itself, “and not wait for them to sign up.”

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