“Everything is fabricated”: publicist Keanu Reeves said that he never gave an interview about his loneliness

Nothing on the Internet can be trusted, even the sad news about Keanu.

On May 28, the Malaysian edition of the Star published an interview with Keanu Reeves, where the actor allegedly confessed to his solitude. “There is nobody in my life right now. But if it happened to me, I would treat this person with respect and love, ”the publication cites the words of the star“ The Matrix ”and“ John Wick ”.

Keanu Reeves is one of the favorite celebrities on the Internet. And “lonely / sad Keanu” is a popular meme. Largely because of this, the material about his loneliness quickly spread in social networks: dozens of publications (including ) wrote about him , and users tried to support the actor.

An example of a post about loneliness Keanu Reeves on Reddit

You need to find the differences between these pictures – This is the same picture.

Made this morning a plan for the next five years, and all the points – to marry Keanu Reeves

Keanu with friends

Reeves allegedly said in an interview that he hoped to find a person with whom he could get close. The actor has never been married. In 1999, his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, had a miscarriage. Two years later, the actress died in a car accident.

Ode to Happiness – Stories on TJThe story of Keanu Reeves, who turned the worst moments of his life into fuel for an acting career. 

But publicist Keanu Reeves told HuffPost that he never gave a publication to the Malaysian Star. According to the representative of the actor, the material was made up of many other Reeves’ statements, taken out of context.

This interview never happened. It was collected piece by piece from different interviews, most of the questions [about the actor’s loneliness] were not asked, and there were no answers to them. All this is fabricated.

publicist Keanu Reeves

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