Apple introduced watchOS 6 with support for iPhone – independent applications.

Now some programs do not need a smartphone, and the App Store for the Apple Watch will be separate.

Apple introduced a new version of the operating system for smart watches with support for iPhone-independent applications. In addition, the company added new dials and standard iOS applications like “Voice Recorder” and “Calculator”.

Apple Watch received a separate application store that allows you to download programs directly from the clock without a smartphone.

WatchOS 6 also appeared in watchOS 6. Watches themselves now collect information about the progress of users in training and classes.

The new version of the system also added an ambient noise detector. Apple Watch will warn users if the room is too loud.

In addition, Apple has built into the watchOS 6 the function of tracking menstrual cycles. Hours will begin to warn about the beginning and end of the menstruation period.

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