Apple introduced iOS 13 with a dark theme and swipes in a standard keyboard

The company arranged a separate presentation of the regime on the stage.

Apple introduced iOS 13 with a built-in “dark” theme and added swipes to the standard keyboard. The company also improved performance and showed recycled applications like Reminders and Photos.


According to Apple’s vice president of software development, Craig Federigi, the new version of the system has relied on performance. According to him, applications began to open up to two times faster, and unlocking by Face ID accelerated by 30%. Programs will occupy 50% less memory, and the size of updates will decrease by 60%.


With iOS 13, developers will be able to use Apple authentication in applications on a par with Google or Facebook, and users will be able to log in services through their iCloud accounts. When registering with a new service, the system will be able to insert a random email address on a private Apple server into an email.

In addition, applications can now be allowed to ask for geolocation each time without issuing permanent rights. Previously, the program could use it every time you start.

As in macOS Catalina , in the new iOS application, “Find Friends” and “Find iPhone” were combined into one Find My program. The app allows you to track all Apple devices in one place, including family members and friends.

Find My will also be able to track even devices disconnected from the Internet in case of theft. They will send a secure signal via Bluetooth, which other Apple devices can detect and report the location.

Updated Applications

Along with iOS 13, Apple introduced new “Maps.” Craig Federigi showed the difference between the old and the new version on the example of the Bay Area. The US map was promised to be updated entirely by the end of 2019.

In iOS 13, the Photos app was also reworked: advanced image editing settings and a new interface appeared in it. And for the first time, you can edit and rotate the video.

Mail client received a design like a desktop version. Safari has settings for individual sites, and Notes has a view in the gallery format, which allows you to see all the notes at once at once.

IOS 13 also reworked Reminders. Now in the appendix appeared sections “Today”, “Plans”, “Notes” and “Everything”. Added support for AI to the program: now she assumes for how long it would be convenient to schedule the task and allows you to send a general reminder to your friends through Messages.

All the rest

Apple Music has a karaoke feature. Now the lyrics can be displayed in real time while listening to the song.

In Memoji, you can now apply makeup and even more customize virtual masks. For example, you can make up your lips, add piercings and not only.

To share music, it is now enough to bring each other iPhones or AirPods. The system will automatically offer to enable the same music on the user’s device.

User profiles in iMessage have made them more similar to WhatsApp and Messenger and can now be shared with other iOS users. You can also install Memoji as an avatar.

In addition, Apple has improved Siri. The voice assistant now speaks not just recorded phrases, but generates speech using neural networks.

IOS 13 support has been received by all devices starting with iPhone 6S, including iPhone SE. IPhone 5S and 6 users will remain without updates.

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