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In the Champions League final, a girl in a swimsuit ran out. In an hour 300,000 people subscribed to her instagram

This is a blogger ad.

Kinsey Volanski on the Field  Getty Photos 

Continued: UEFA fined 15 thousand euros a model that ran onto the field at the Champions League final .

On June 1, the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool was held in Madrid: the second team won with a score of 0: 2. In the middle of the first half, a girl in a swimsuit ran out on the field advertising the erotic site Vitaly Uncensored. A few minutes later the stewards of the stadium took the girl away from the field.

Twitter users also noticed an unusual action during a football match.

The girl’s deed is a planned action by blogger Vitaly Zdorovetsky. On her bathing suit was written Vitaly Uncensored – a site with films for adults, which belonged to him. It is also known as a pranker with a YouTube channel for 10 million people. In 2014, Zdorovetsky became famous because he ran onto the field during the World Cup finals in Brazil.

A day before the Champions League final Zdorovetsky published a video titled “What a Surprise” with the participation of this girl in a swimsuit. This is a model of Kinsey Wolanski (Kinsey Wolanski), she was shot for Maxim and Sports Illustrated magazines.

In the first hour, the number of girl’s subscribers increased from 300 to 600 thousand. After the match, its profile grows at about a thousand users per minute.

A few hours later, Kinsey posted on instagram a video of her run, shot by Zdorovetsky from the podium, with the comment: “Life is needed to live. Do crazy things that will be remembered forever. ”

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