From the Russian version of the film about Elton John “Rocketman” cut scenes of sex and a kiss between men

And also an episode with drug use.

From the Russian version of the film about Elton John “Rocketman” cut out all the scenes with male kisses, their sex and fragments with the demonstration of drugs. Film critic Yegor Moskvitin and several journalists who were at the Russian premiere reported this to Dozhd .

In addition, a fragment was also removed from the captions, which showed a photo of John and her spouse. About the threat of extinction from the movie of one of the scenes warned the newspaper The Guardian . This is associated with an age limit that would have to be imposed.

Indeed, several scenes have disappeared from the Russian version of “Rocketman”: an episode with drug use; a slide from the credits, in which it was said that John still met true love (and a photo with his spouse); and, most importantly, the bedding scene, in which two men made love in the missionary position (which should emphasize that there is no difference between their feelings and heterosexual relationships – love is the same for everyone).

Yegor Moskvitin
film critic

Updated at 13:40 . The press service of the Ministry of Culture assured journalists “Moscow speaks” that the department did not give recommendations on how to make changes to the Russian version of the film, and the decision rests entirely with the distribution company. The Central Partnership explained that the footage of drug use and the LGBT scenes were deleted in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Trailer “Rocketman”
“Rocketman” will be released in Russia on June 6.

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