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Meme: Grinning Rhino

The villain from the old “Spider-Man” was turned into a schoolboy, laughing at the word “sex.”

At the end of May, memes with a grinning supervillain in a rhino costume from a cartoon from the 1960s spread across social networks. First, the image of the character was used as a reaction, and then turned into a hero of jokes.

The appearance of the hero, which is used in memes, appeared in the animated series “Spiderman” in 1967. The project has spawned a lot of jokes on the Internet, the most popular of which is “ Spiderman points to Spiderman .”

The episode of the series, from which they took the screenshot, was released in October 1967. In one scene, a villain dressed in rhino costume pulls out a secret weapon and announces that he will need two more of them to take over the world. Then smirks.

In November 2015, Tumblr published four screenshots of Rhino from the same episode. In December, the image was briefly used as a reaction to 4chan.

In July 2017, the first meme with Rhino was published on Instagram.

When you need to pretend to be sober, while you take out your passport to show the concierge 

In May 2019, the pattern was remembered on Reddit. Especially the picture is sold on subreddit / r / dankmemes. By the end of the month, the joke got to VKontakte. Mem continued to use as a reaction: Rhino grinned, finding himself in ridiculous situations.

When you put on a funny hat and wait for your friend to notice

When you’re a freak, but you notice a life meme about what it’s like to be a freak

I when my parents catch me eating a handful of grated cheese at four in the morning

12-year-old I am heating up randomly crap in the microwave, presenting myself in the show “MythBusters”

Soon the meme transformed – users made a two-pane pattern, where they added an image of the modern Rhino from the comics. A new joke was used to beat the high expectations of any phenomenon and the subsequent unsuccessful result.

The idea of ​​the school project / Implementation

Graphics in the trailer / Real graphics

How, in their opinion, look like furry / How do furry look like
Thanos in the finale of the “War of Infinity” / Thanos at the beginning of the finale of the “Avengers”

In social networks for the second time changed the meaning of the joke: this time, the screenshot with Rhinoceros took the photoshoot picture that was used back in 2013. It depicts three other villains from the show of the 60s – the Vulture, Electro and the Green Goblin.

In the meme, the characters appear as typical schoolchildren who grin at jokes about sex and look for images of the genitals in a biology textbook.

The guys we see the word “Erectus” (erect man) in the history book

We with the guys enter the words “BOOBS” and “SEX” on the calculator

Guys and I make teachers tell stories instead of learning

The guys and I scroll to the page about the reproductive system in the textbook:  

The teacher: * gets pregnant * / Someone in the class: “Guess what she did” / I and my friends in the fifth grade:
We with the guys in the first class know what the word “x” means

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